tomas-jan,Man on the Moon [DVD] [Widescreen], Amadeus [Blu-ray/DVD] [Canadian; Warner Brothers 90th Anniversary]
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"...Carrey scores mightily in an eerily spectacular make-or-break performance that nails the public persona of [Andy Kaufman]..."USA Today "...[Carrey gives] a virtuoso turn that unerringly captures the behavioral quirkiness and disquieting vacantness of the man he's portraying..." Variety "[Carrey gives] a dazzling performance that maintains its intensity throughout..." Movieline's Hollywood Life "...[See] it for Carrey's creepy impersonation act..." -- 3 out of 5 stars Premiere "...It is a fascinating, whirlwind tour through the life of a true Hollywood enigma....The film does offer an illuminating dissection of Kaufman's comedic style and philosophy..."Box Office "...Carrey is a major fan and seems to have an intuitive understanding of his bizarre subject. His performance is a brilliant, almost terrifying impersonation..." Los Angeles Times "...What is most wonderful about MAN ON THE MOON, a very good film, is that it remains true to Kaufman's stubborn vision....The film has a heroic performance from Jim Carrey..." Chicago Sun-Times27.35552

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"...[Hulce] gets better and better....[Forman] has preserved the fascinating heart of [the play]....Well done."New York Times "...AMADEUS is loaded with pleasures....[Abraham] is quietly excellent..."Variety "...Milos Forman's opulent drama is sheer quality..."Total Film "...An unexpected and strangely moving spectacle..."Sight and Sound "A class act."Uncut27.35552

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