tony-jaa,Ong Bak 2 [Blu-ray] [Canadian], Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior [Blu-ray/DVD] [Canadian]
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"Jaa's graceful moves are the biggest attraction in ONG BAK 2....Seeing him leaping nimbly along the backs of a thundering herd of beasts is impressive to say the least..."Los Angeles Times "[I]t's really all about the fighting, carried out in a variety of Asian styles, including one Mr. Jaa invented for the film."New York Times "[E]njoy the extravagant fight stunts, the restless camera work, and the sluicing rivers of blood and mud."Entertainment Weekly "First-rate action scenes alternate with florid melodrama....An excellent vehicle for martial-arts champ Tony Jaa..."Hollywood Reporter73.97034

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"ONG-BAK prides itself on its back-to-basics bare-knuckle brutality....Jaa proves a capable hero in his debut screen role."Sight and Sound "It's a revolutionary benchmark and a unique piece of scattershot genius..."Uncut Ranked #21 in Uncut's Best Films Of 2005 -- "Tony Jaa cements his reputation as the heir apparent to Bruce Lee and pre-Hollywood Jackie Chan..."Uncut "[A] lively, bone-crunching action movie....Mr. Jaa, blessed with astonishing muscle definition and a stoical, sensitive face, clearly has the potential to be an international action movie star..."New York Times "It's a display of phenomenal dexterity and nimble grace that's a joy to watch. That, friends, is entertainment."Los Angeles Times "[A] jaw-dropper of a star-making display from lithe fighter-artist Tony Jaa..."Entertainment Weekly 3.5 stars out of 4 -- "This movie has some of the most incredible action sequences we've ever seen...and they're all real."Premiere31.07023

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