tony-malaby,Apparitions [Tony Malaby], Garden of Eden [Paul Motian], Warblepeck
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CMJ (10/27/03, p.59) - "...The two-drummer quartet packs a serious wallop....Malaby's playing is exceptional, with a sense of grace that just comes naturally..."JazzTimes (2/04, p.140) - "TONY MALABY is an excellent, progressively inclined tenor and soprano saxophonist."167.0836

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Down Beat (p.74) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "With flotation devices that seem to hang in mid-air, Motian's drumming and arranging style brings new meaning to the musical term rubato."JazzTimes (p.122) - "[T]he performances are propelled by simple, folklike melodies....As tenor saxophonists Chris Cheek and Tony Malaby lay down synchronous -- and vaguely accordion-toned -- lines, the rest of the music seems to float and drift behind them."0.50631

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Down Beat (p.83) - 3.5 stars out of 5 -- "[S]axophonist Tony Malaby's first meeting with versatile cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm covers an exceptional range of textures and moods."JazzTimes (p.94) - "WARBLEPECK is all about creating on the spot and flying without a map, and the tune called 'Fly on Wall/Remolino' offers a study in how a group of musicians can get from point A to point B by feel....The music of WARBLPECK was created in the moment, but it will be remembered, and played, for a long, long time."Signal To Noise (magazine) (p.60) - "Hollenbeck reinforces Malaby's melodic bent, but the cellist draws on his acumen as an accompanist to give special consideration to those same contours."0.50631

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