udo,Odyssee [Udo Lindenberg] [CD] [1 disc], Invincible [DVD] [] [2003] [1 disc] [Multilingual] [Region 1] [794043623929], The Theatre Bizarre [Blu-ray], Journeys [AB2], Lotus [Santana] [CD Boxset] [2 discs]
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"...Gripping....This eminent German director has pulled off the tricky feat of elevating a true story into a larger-than-life allegory. Embellished with magic realism and washed in voluptuous quasi-Wagnerian score..." New York Times "...Herzog is a powerful, unique visionary....The period is evoked with care and imagination, and the film glows with Peter Zeitlinger's cinematography. It has some bravura images and surreal moments typical of Herzog..." Los Angeles Times "...[Ahola] has a wonderful ironic gentleness....[Roth] just about grips the screen..."Entertainment Weekly "...A film of uncommon fascination....The movie has the power of a great silent film, unafraid of grand gestures and moral absolutes..." Chicago Sun-Times "...[Roth] is positively mesmerizing..." Box Office18.53415

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"A polished package of shorts by horror vets, THE THEATRE BIZARRE is a genre buffs buffet a half-dozen mini-films in a range of tones, style, gore level and quality."Hollywood Reporter18.50258

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"[A] sensationally entertaining old-school freakout and one of the smartest, most viscerally effective thrillers in recent memory."Variety "With its minimal use of digital effects, its strong, sympathetic performances and ace design work, the pic harks back in themes and methods to THE EXORCIST and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR..."Hollywood Reporter "Old-school and supremely confident in its attack, THE CONJURING is this year's miracle -- an AMITYVILLE HORROR for a new century..."Los Angeles Times 3 stars out of 4 -- "THE CONJURING is a well-crafted throwback to B-movie horror thrillers, with A-list actors."USA Today "This saga of demonic possession deploys the full audio firepower of modern multiplexes....The film is entirely irony-free, and enjoyable..."Wall Street Journal 3 stars out of 4 -- "[This] haunted-house thriller delivers consistent chills and thrills."Washington Post "THE CONJURING is never above mining familiar territory for jump-in-your-seat-and-then-release-a-laugh moments -- but its often framed in a uniquely twisted way by director James Wan."Chicago Sun-Times "The dread gathers and surges while the blood scarcely trickles in THE CONJURING, a fantastically effective haunted-house movie."New York Times 3 stars out of 4 -- "[K]udos to THE CONJURING for putting fresh fire into the overworked haunted-house genre."Rolling Stone "Wan masterfully tightens the vise on the audience's nerves, using mood and sound effects for shocks that never feel cheap..." -- Grade: A-Entertainment Weekly "THE CONJURING taps a true-life tale, but its the patient pacing that makes it."Total Film0.1922143

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