ulrich-thomsen,The Celebration, Brothers [DVD] [Widescreen] [1900] [Multilingual] [Region 1]
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"...[The film] eminently succeeds....Triumphantly the near-documentary it purports to be..." Sight and Sound "...Brashly brilliant..." Rolling Stone "...A good case for [the Dogma 95 aesthetic]..." -- Rating: A- - Recommended Entertainment Weekly "...Filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg seems impressively in control juggling multiple characters..." USA Today "...A beautifully calibrated and carefully thought out film about a completely out-of-control situation, it is raw without being off-putting and wrenching without losing its sense of humor..." Los Angeles Times 4 stars out of 5 -- "Think of the worst family party you've ever been to, times it by ten, imagine it in Danish and you'll still be unprepared for Thomas Vinterberg's shocking and resonant drama, on of the best Dogme films."Empire31.37255

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"Thomsen's quietly simmering performance is BROTHERS' best asset..." Sight and Sound "[A] gripping psychological drama....With a fine balance of compassion and hardheadedness."New York Times "BROTHERS has an exact sense of emotional truth and a respect for the intricacy of character."Los Angeles Times "[B]lessed with some of the most heartfelt performances you'll see in any film this year." Uncut "[E]xpressive storytelling, which accomplishes the rare feat of believably incorporating violence in another part of the world into an intimate study of shifting domestic relationships." Entertainment Weekly0.3220145

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