vince-vieluf,Order of Chaos, The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, An American Werewolf in Paris, Rat Race [DVD] [Sensormatic]
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3 stars out of 5 -- "[C]ompelling and challenging indie fare....ORDER OF CHAOS applies a bracing style and a solid sense of mood to a fairly well-worn scenario to deliver a surprisingly effective, low-key psychological thriller."Box Office "Vieluf displays enough assurance with cast, pacing and tech/design aspects to make this a competently pro debut."Variety73.95849

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"...[Waller] brings an energetic and darkly humorous touch..." USA Today "...[Waller] keeps the pace brisk and the mood light....Enthusiastic performances..." -- Rating: B+ Entertainment Weekly30.36391

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"...There's a casual unflappability as all of the crass gags pile up....Mr. Breckman's script is unashamed about stooping into any sewer for laughs..." New York Times "...Rowdy, bouncy, and acceleratingly funny....It's a caper giddy with preposterousness....This thing's a gas..." Entertainment Weekly "...RAT RACE is rich in excellent comic performers....[Atkinson's] delighted and delightful Mr. Pollini is a little taste of comic genius..." Los Angeles Times "...[A] shamelessly silly, over-the-top comedy that nearly makes an art form of tasteless excess....Laughs this big come too rarely to be ignored..." Box Office "...Creditable entertainment....The film is funnier and more focused than its sprawling progenitor..." Sight and Sound0.363624

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