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"[The film] explores class and cultural gulfs. Anthony LaPaglia gives a world-weary depth to the architect..."Box Office31.6517

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"...Visually handsome in an austere way..." New York Times "...Clooney does a convincing job....Davies is also strong....Soderbergh does a fine job of creating a moody atmosphere of pervasive anxiety..." USA Today "...SOLARIS is a mind-bender in the best sense of the word: The spell it casts follows you all the way home..." Rolling Stone "...Sleekly austere....McElhone is certainly someone to pine for -- there are depths to her apple-cheeked sculptural beauty..." Entertainment Weekly "...What it does most of all is reinforce Steven Soderbergh's position as Hollywood's most gifted chameleon, a filmmaker able to operate with elan in all manner of genres..." Los Angeles Times "...A uniquely dazzling display of its maker's cinematic virtuosity..." Box Office "...Technically superb and features a strong serious performance by George Clooney..." Variety0.1281348

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Q (8/95, p.137) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "'s an intermittently interesting listen, best suited to the early morning..."Melody Maker (8/5/95, p.35) - "...up there with Ennio Morricone. Cooder's an erudite, articulate exploration of the music indigenous to the particular film's setting....genius by the bucketload..."NME (Magazine) (7/15/95, p.49) - 7 (out of 10) - "...a marvellous, enquiring artist....There's masses of slide guitar and weird tunings; country blues gone futuristic and minimal. If you thought John Squire was a bit nifty on the bottleneck, then let Ry blow your tiny brain..."0.1086095

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