walter-salles,Central Station, The Motorcycle Diaries [DVD] [Widescreen], On the Road [DVD] [Region 1] [030306986692]
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"...A Brazilian film of uncommon grace....A work of imperishable heart..." Rolling Stone "...[A] microcosm of Brazilian life both intimate and eloquent..." Sight and Sound "...A richly tender and moving experience....Salles displays a pure, unpatronizing feel for the poetry of broken lives..." -- Rating: A- Entertainment Weekly "...Beautifully observed and featuring a bravura performance by the Brazilian actress Fernanda Montenegro....[A] lovely, stirring film..." New York Times "...A sincere film....Backed by an arresting performance from Montenegro, the film's strength is subtlety....CENTRAL STATION'S emotional ending is honest and moving..." Box Office "...Its humanism is genuinely felt....The kind of movie that's rarely made anymore: an unromanticized look into completely unglamorous lives..."Premiere "...Montenegro clicks with nonprofessional co-star Vinicius de Oliveira, and director Walter Salles has a flair for outdoor compositions..." USA Today40.30656

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"[A] searching, intelligent and ultimately very moving film." Uncut "[A]n involving, lyrical, and visually beautiful..." Premiere "[A] gorgeously shot South American road movie..." Entertainment Weekly "[M]esmerizing....A good part of the film's power is the way it sneaks up on you." Rolling Stone "What THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES captures, with startling clarity and delicacy, is the quickening of Ernesto's youthful idealism, and the gradual turning of his passionate, literary nature toward an as yet unspecified form of radical commitment."New York Times "This might be the quietest, most meditative motorcycle movie ever made."Los Angeles Times40.08143

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"[A] vibrantly visualized period piece about the birth of the American counterculture."Hollywood Reporter 3 stars out of 5 -- "Loyal to the spirit of Kerouac's book, there are times when this intoxicating brew burns across the screen with feverish passion..."Total Film "ON THE ROAD is rich with evocative period atmosphere and anchored by a trio of compellingly lived-in performances from Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, and Kristen Stewart."Box Office "Salles has lovingly crafted a poetic, sensitive, achingly romantic version of the Kerouac book that captures the evanescence of its characters' existence..."Los Angeles Times "America the Beautiful has rarely looked more ripe for exploration than it does in ON THE ROAD....The movie resurrects a perennial frontier dream and invites you to barrel into the unknown with its Beat Generation legends."New York Times "[Stewart's] a live wire."Rolling Stone0.387917

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