william-oldham,Old Joy [DVD] [2006] [English] [Region 1], Wendy and Lucy [2008] [Region 1], The Guatemalan Handshake, Ease Down the Road [Bonnie "Prince" Billy]
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"[A] shimmering, quiet treasure of a film, an elegy to mutable friendship, enduring nature, and the sense of loss that inevitably accompanies the adult pull to move forward." -- Grade: AEntertainment Weekly Included in Entertainment Weekly's "Top 10 Films Of The Year" -- "OLD JOY is a small, delicate thing, and a huge achievement in honestly independent filmmaking."Entertainment Weekly Ranked #13 in Film Comment's "20 Best Films Of 2006."Film Comment "[F]illed with the kind of unemphatic ambition and relevance that's become virtually extinct in American independent filmmaking."Film Comment 3 stars out of 5 -- "[I]ts subtlety is as treasurable as an old friend."Total Film "[A] campfire monologue recalls EASY RIDER, and a wrangle over an order in a diner brings to mind FIVE EASY PIECES. As these forerunners suggest, the journey is as much metaphorical as geographical."Sight and Sound26.42723

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3 stars out of 5 -- "It's a small story with a big heart that trumps a lot of the louder and more expensive machine-made Hollywood pictures."Box Office "[Reichardt] has perfected a mode of rapturous minimalism....Williams makes Wendy's total lack of affect luminously expressive." -- Grade: A-Entertainment Weekly "[The film] does not include a superfluous word or shot....What happens to Wendy -- and to Lucy -- matters a lot, which is to say that WENDY AND LUCY, for all its modesty, matters a lot too."New York Times "Reichardt's haunting, mournful film engages the texture of a life in which money and hope are equally thin on the ground....Williams' performance is remarkable not only for its depth but for its stillness."Los Angeles Times 3.5 stars out of 4 -- "Kelly Reichardt is a true cinema poet who works miracles in miniature. And she finds the perfect collaborator in Williams..."Rolling Stone Included in Entertainment Weekly's 2008 Films Of The Year -- "[A] precise, nearly whispered story....Pay attention, and it grows into a textured ode -- or maybe it's a lament -- to a lost America..."Entertainment Weekly "WENDY AND LUCY is another illustration of how absorbing a film can be when the plot doesn't stand between us and a character."Chicago Sun-Times "Williams's performance is nuanced, moving and well worth any awards she gets."Washington Post 4 stars out of 5 -- "Far more than just a sentimental anecdote about a girl and a dog, on this exciting new director's watch a simple tale becomes the stuff of pure poetry."Total Film26.42723

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Spin (10/01, p.129) - "...A folk-rock song cycle about love's eternal pyre, filled with the usual mix of loomin violence and explicit sex..."Q (4/01, p.96) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...Lovely....great songs written from a compellingly skewed perspective..."Uncut (5/04, p.89) - "A more richly textured sound acted as a suitable backdrop for lusty tales of infidelity..."The Wire (1/02, p.40) - Ranked #15 in Wire's "50 Records of the Year 2001".Mojo (Publisher) (1/02, p.69) - Ranked #20 in Mojo's "Best [40] Albums of 2001".Mojo (Publisher) (4/01, p.88) - "...Lo-fi, spooky, perverse hillbilly blues....Instantly appealing and rewards repeated listening..."NME (Magazine) (3/10/01, p.32) - 9 out of 10 - "...Beneath the staggering knack for simple tunes and the strangulated gift for writing beautiful words, everything on this truly brilliant record will show you what a callous little scumbag Oldham is..."0.2031485

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