as-far-as-we-go-and-back-a,Back to the MAC, The 35th Anniversary Collection [Box], The Complete Hank Williams [Box], Leos Jancek: Moravian Folk Poetry in Songs, Vaughan Williams: The Collector's Edition [Box Set]
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Q (8/94, p.119) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "...Without the services of William 'Smokey' Robinson then who knows - would Tamla Motown have ever really got off the ground?...Everything that should be here undoubtedly is, padded out with superior flip-sides..."Audio Magazine (7/94, p.74) - "...what stands out is Smokey's natural sense with words and lyrics and the emotional wallop these songs still pack--even the lesser-known ones...a truly great release..."0.05012123

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Spin (1/99, p.92) - Ranked #2 in Spin's list of the "Ten Best Reissues Of 1998."Spin (11/98, pp.144-145) - 10 (out of 10) - "...this jumped-up hillbilly was the bridge between old and new. He links the pious, antebellum Roy Acuff to postwar, urban, roadhouse culture....the key to country's red-dirt past and sign of a rock world to come."Entertainment Weekly (9/25/98, pp.101-102) - "...Ultimately, THE COMPLETE HANK WILLIAMS is less a document more than a documentary: the nonfiction story of a prodigiously gifted falling-down alcoholic, always at odds with his wife Audrey,...the industry he helped spawn,...and most crucially, himself..." - Rating: B+Mojo (Publisher) (7/02, p.120) - "...Follows him chronologically through 1946-1951 over 3 CDs - ragged folk-spiritual-singer on CD1; urban mountain-boy-going-on-rock star on CD3..."0.02967054

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