dgary,World Out of Time, Vol. 3, Throw Down Your Heart, Tales from the Acoustic Planet, Vol. 3: Africa Sessions [Digipak], Rough Guide to the Music of Madagascar, Tales of African Guitar Kings
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JazzTimes (12/96, p.110) - "...The music of Madagascar, sophisticated and yet straight from the heart, continues to wow."Option (11-12/97, pp.139-140) - "...The musicians display astonishing virtuosity: bass players should check out the two solo tracks here by Tarika Sammy's bassist, Johnny, and I imagine many guitarists probably already know about D'Gary....still manages to arrive with a dance groove to boot."0.8681949

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The Wire (p.72) - "The instruments associated with Malagasy music can all be heard within this ROUGH GUIDE: the flanged guitars of Teta's tsapiky dance music, accordion and the two harps, valiha and marovany, that serve as the national axes of Madagascar."Dirty Linen (p.59) - "THE ROUGH GUIDE does a fine job of guiding the neophyte listener to the myriad styles and personalities that make Malagasy music so diverse and alluring."0.277656

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