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CMJ (5/29/00, p.29) - "...Polish death metal....hitting like a stream of Evander Hollyfield punches to the groin. The album leaves no room for rest....Caution - this is for serious headbangers only."0.4937263

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Alternative Press (2/96, pp.72-73) - "...SCATTERED, SMOTHERED & COVERED 's knee-to-the-groin subtlety never becomes pedestrian or cartoonish....this slasher-flick apologia excites and frightens; it'll make you sleep with a Snoopy night-light on. Unsane are your best nightmare."Melody Maker (12/9/95, p.32) - "...[Unsane are a] clan intent on taking music back to its most Neanderthal form....spectacularly ugly....Despite all this, Unsane are the kind of guys you could bring home to meet your mum. You might find her buried in the back garden soon afterwards but, hey, what's a little artistic statement between friends."NME (Magazine) (11/25/95, p.46) - 7 (out of 10) - "...Thanks in part to their relentless desire to pummel, and in part to the colour that's added by that shot of the blues, they've got the musical muscle to back up those sicko LP sleeves. It may not be pretty, but the sound of rage rarely is..."0.2468632

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 Page of 1