inane,American Psycho [Blu-ray] [Uncut Edition], (What's the Story) Morning Glory? [CD] [1 disc] [093624980308]
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"...Dead-on, kitsch-free period detail and a wonderfully agitated performance by Bale..." -- 3 out of 5 stars - A Satisfying Rental Premiere "...A satire of conspicuous consumption..." Variety "...A mordantly funny and agreeably blatant satire with genuinely subversive bite..." Film Comment "...An ingenious adaptation....Excellent direction and a set of self-effacing performances..." Sight and Sound "...AMERICAN PSYCHO is really brilliant in the way it takes the viewer inside Bateman's world..." -- 4 out of 5 stars Box Office "[D]irector Mary Harron impressively mines the dark social comedy from this scathing satire of the 1980s." Entertainment Weekly0.227337

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Rolling Stone (1/25/96, p.41) - Tied for #7 in the 1996 Critics' Poll.Rolling Stone (10/19/95, p.147) - 4 Stars (out of 5) - "...Oasis...borrow shamelessly from...artists like the Rolling Stones, T. Rex, the Kinks, Small Faces and, especially, the Beatles without losing their own snide identity..."Rolling Stone (p.105) - 5 stars out of 5 - "While their debut was an up-tempo pop roar, this one showed that they were just as talented with rock ballads..."Spin (9/99, p.160) - Ranked #79 in Spin Magazine's "90 Greatest Albums of the '90s."Entertainment Weekly (10/06/95, p.64) - "...An earnest, relaxed undertaking that is less about making a splash and more about making a point."- Rating: A-Q (6/00, p.86) - Ranked #8 in Q's "100 Greatest British Albums" - "...A wonderful, often beautiful album, which single-handedly spoke for a generation of slobbishly dressed inarticulate men. It was a complete album..."Q (12/99, p.84) - Included in Q Magazine's "90 Best Albums Of The 1990s."Q (10/01, p.105) - Ranked #5 in Q's "Best 50 Albums of Q's Lifetime"Q (2/96, p.63) - Included in Q's 50 Best Albums of 1995 - "...a latter-day classic..."Alternative Press (12/95, p.92) - "...the first truly convincing rock'n'roll album of the '90s....You liked the first album? Then you'll love this one....This is the business, the real's bloody great."Melody Maker (12/23-30/95, pp.66-67) - Ranked #3 on Melody Maker's list of 1995's `Albums Of The Year.'Musician (11/95, pp.85-86) - " exciting and chock-full of insta-classics as their wake-up call of a debut....Clever production tricks and chord changes are [Noel] Gallagher's passions. His lyrics flit between inane and ingenious...but every last one fits snug as a puzzle..."Village Voice (2/20/96) - Ranked #10 in the Village Voice's 1995 Pazz & Jop Critics' Poll.Mojo (Publisher) (p.59) - Ranked #61 in Mojo's "100 Modern Classics" -- "The heady bravura of the Britpop era still resonates in the album that elevated Oasis to superstar status."NME (Magazine) (12/23-30/95, pp.22-23) - Ranked #2 in NME's `Top 50 Albums Of The Year' for 1995.NME (Magazine) (9/30/95, p.52) - 7 (out of 10) - "...their second LP...sends them off in an altogether different direction; away from the conscience-free overloaded hedonism towards an understanding of its consequences..."0.151558

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