naturally-115-,You'd Prefer an Astronaut [078636657721], The Carnegie Hall Concert [Buck Owens] [CD] [1 disc], Blue Days Black Nights
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Alternative Press (8/95, pp.89-90) - "...They mix crunching, heavy, almost metallic guitars in their atmospheric fuzz with rare energy....Hum reach a magnetic balance betweeen fuzzy ambience and hard guitars on YOU'D PREFER AN ASTRONAUT. Far out."Option (9-10/95, pp.114-115) - "...Hum have mastered the art of feedback, turning seemingly garbled noise into power pop ditties, all of which make YOU'D PREFER AN ASTRONAUT an engaging excursion into the intense realm of hi-energy psychedelia..."Melody Maker (5/4/96, p.55) - "...`Why I Like Robins' and `I'd Like Your Hair Long,' like `Jurassic Park,' resurrect Dinosaurs. Jr ones, naturally, but with a still clear voice from the Pavement's edge, and lyrics decanted from the Beck stream of conciousness..."0.2003786

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No Depression (5-6/01, pp.115-6) - "...Buck and the classic Buckaroo band...are at their absolute peak here....The show proceeds at a breakneck pace..."Mojo (Publisher) (3/01, p.112) - "...Documents his sell-out 1964 date at NY's most prestigious venue...[an] abundance of chart successes are presented in a series of medleys. It's basic honky-tonk heartbeat stuff..."0.1883194

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Rolling Stone (8/19/99, p.115) - 3 stars out of 5 - "...his finest bag of tunes since the 1992 cult classic CAN YOU FLY...[earning] it with plush, morose ballads..."Spin (10/99, p.153) - 6 out of 10 - " insinuating downer, its cool sound lulling the listner like drugged iced tea....when he's on, he's spewing sweet venom in a tenor that's matured from a yelp into a graceful croon, he can still find new ways to be beautifully bleak..."Entertainment Weekly (8/20-27/99, p.128) - "Sometimes a clear, quiet voice can be more moving than even the most passionate belting. And sometimes it's just boring. Johnston's toothless vocals have always fallen somehwere in between, and his tastefully tame fifth album is no exception..." - Rating: BQ (11/99, p.124) - 3 stars out of 5 - "...radiates a magnetic field of melancholy. The sweetness at the surface of his best tunes...veils a heart of darkness..."Alternative Press (10/99, p.94) - 4 out of 5 - "...unabashedly plays up his own idiosyncrasies, emphasizing his naturally whiny voice and slowing the album's tempo to a languid crawl....Johnston sounds like an artist just hitting his stride..."Magnet (8-9/99, pp.76-7) - "...[explores] the different phases and facets of heartbreak....BLUE DAYS is a worthy addition ot the Johnston canon; just keep him away from sharp objects in the room."CMJ (7/19/99, p.24) - "...burnished, laid-back'll have your heart broken....Johnson deserves all the hype that's heaped upon him."0.1431275

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