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Rolling Stone (2/4/99, p.61) - "...a DJ-mix CD that works as a pocket history of Motor City microchip music, explicitly admitting techno's evolution from Seventies European disco..."Spin (1/99, pp.121-122) - 7 (out of 10) - "...If you'd rather ride the train than spot it, climb aboard MASTERMIX. Juan may not have aced his engineer's exam, but he usually knows where he's going."Entertainment Weekly (1/15/99, p.63) - "...a beautiful, warts-and-all set of genre classics....smart liner notes provide some historical context, and the diverse mix belies techno's rep as monolithic. And oh, yeah: You can dance to it." - Rating: A-The Wire (02/99, p.46) - "...MasterMix Volume 1 has a strange kind of authority - it feels like an important record."CMJ (1/3/99, p.26) - "...fuses the pulse of old-school techno, house and electro into a unified, empowered urban discourse. Listen and learn..."Vibe (2/99, p.139) - "...Detroit's own brand of mechanized assembly line funk....techno delicately balances electronics with soul..."181.8471

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