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The Sonnets

  • 0. DISC 1:
    1. Opening Music
    2. Sonnet 1: From Fairest Creatures We Desire Increase
    3. Sonnet 2: When Forty Winters Shall Besiege Thy Brow
    4. Sonnet 3: Look in Thy Glass and Tell the Face Thou Viewest
    5. Sonnet 4: Unthrifty Loveliness, Why Dost Thou Spend
    6. Sonnet 5: Those Hours That With Gentle Work Did Frame
    7. Sonnet 6: Then Let Not Winter's Ragged Hand Deface
    8. Sonnet 7: Lo in the Orient When the Gracious Light
    9. Sonnet 8: Music to Hear, Why Hear'st Thou Music Sadly?
    10. Musical Interlude
    11. Sonnet 9: Is It for Fear to Wet a Widow's Eye
    12. Sonnet 10: For Shame Deny That Thou Bear'st Love to Any
    13. Sonnet 11: As Fast as Thou Shalt Wane, So Fast Thou Grow'st
    14. Sonnet 12: When I Do Count the Clock That Tells the Time
    15. Sonnet 13: O That You Were Your Self! But, Love, You Are
    16. Sonnet 14: Not from the Stars Do I My Judgement Pluck
    17. Sonnet 15: When I Consider Every Thing That Grows
    18. Sonnet 16: But Wherefore Do Not You a Mightier Way
    19. Sonnet 17: Who Will Believe My Verse in Time to Come
    20. Musical Interlude
    21. Sonnet 18: Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?
    22. Sonnet 19: Devouring Time, Blunt Thou a Lion's Paws
    23. Sonnet 20: A Woman's Face With Nature's Own Hand Painted
    24. Sonnet 21: So Is It Not With Me as With That Muse
    25. Sonnet 22: My Glass Shall Not Persuade Me I Am Old
    26. Sonnet 23: As an Umperfect Actor on the Stage
    27. Sonnet 24: Mine Eye Hath Played the Painter and Hath Stelled
    28. Musical Interlude
    29. Sonnet 25: Let Those Who Are in Favour With Their Stars
    30. Sonnet 26: Lord of My Love, To Whom in Vassalage
    31. Sonnet 27: Weary With Toil, I Haste Me to My Bed
    32. Sonnet 28: How Can I Then Return in Happy Plight
    33. Sonnet 29: When in Disgrace With Fortune and Men's Eyes
    34. Sonnet 30: When to the Sessions of Sweet Silent Thought
    35. Sonnet 31: Thy Bosom Is Endeard With All Hearts
    36. Sonnet 32: If Thou Survive My Well-Contented Day
    37. Musical Interlude
    38. Sonnet 33: Full Many a Glorious Morning Have I Seen
    39. Sonnet 34: Why Didst Thou Promise Such a Beauteous Day
    40. Sonnet 35: No More Be Grieved at That Which Thou Hast Done
    41. Sonnet 36: Let Me Confess That We Two Must Be Twain
    42. Sonnet 37: As a Decrepit Father Takes Delight
    43. Sonnet 38: How Can My Muse Want Subject to Invent
    44. Sonnet 39: O How Thy Worth With Manners May I Sing
    45. Sonnet 40: Take All My Loves, My Love, Yea, Take Them All
    46. Sonnet 41: Those Pretty Wrongs That Liberty Commits
    47. Sonnet 42: That Thou Hast Her, It Is Not All My Grief
    48. Musical Interlude
    49. Sonnet 43: When Most I Wink, Then Do Mine Eyes Best See
    50. Sonnet 44: If the Dull Substance of My Flesh Were Thought
    51. Sonnet 45: The Other Two, Slight Air and Purging Fire
    52. Sonnet 46: Mine Eye and Heart Are at a Mortal War
    53. Sonnet 47: Betwixt Mine Eye and Heart a League Is Took
    54. Sonnet 48: How Careful Was I, When I Took My Way
    55. Sonnet 49: Against That Time (If Ever That Time Come)
    56. Sonnet 50: How Heavy Do I Journey on the Way
    57. Sonnet 51: Thus Can My Love Excuse the Slow Offence
    58. Musical Interlude
    59. Sonnet 52: So Am I as the Rich Whose Blessd Key
    60. Sonnet 53: What Is Your Substance, Whereof Are You Made
    61. Sonnet 54: O How Much More Doth Beauty Beauteous Seem
    62. Sonnet 55: Not Marble nor the Gilded Monuments
    63. Sonnet 56: Sweet Love, Renew Thy Force, Be It Not Said
    64. Sonnet 57: Being Your Slave, What Should I Do But Tend
    65. Sonnet 58: That God Forbid, That Made Me First Your Slave
    66. Musical Interlude
    0. DISC 2:
    1. Musical Interlude
    2. Sonnet 59: If There Be Nothing New, But That Which Is
    3. Sonnet 60: Like as the Waves Make Towards the Pebbled Shore
    4. Sonnet 61: Is It Thy Will Thy Image Should Keep Open
    5. Sonnet 62: Sin of Self-Love Possesseth All Mine Eye
    6. Sonnet 63: Against My Love Shall Be as I Am Now
    7. Sonnet 64: When I Have Seen by Time's Fell Hand Defaced
    8. Sonnet 65: Since Brass, Nor Stone, Nor Earth, Nor Boundless Sea
    9. Musical Interlude
    10. Sonnet 66: Tired With All These, For Restful Death I Cry
    11. Sonnet 67: Ah Wherefore With Infection Should He Live
    12. Sonnet 68: Thus Is His Cheek the Map of Days Outworn
    13. Sonnet 69: Those Parts of Thee That the World's Eye Doth View
    14. Sonnet 70: That Thou Art Blamed Shall Not Be Thy Defect
    15. Sonnet 71: No Longer Mourn for Me When I Am Dead
    16. Sonnet 72: O Lest the World Should Task You to Recite
    17. Musical Interlude
    18. Sonnet 73: That Time of Year Thou Mayst in Me Behold
    19. Sonnet 74: But Be Contented When That Fell Arrest
    20. Sonnet 75: So Are You to My Thoughts as Food to Life
    21. Sonnet 76: Why Is My Verse So Barren of New Pride?
    22. Sonnet 77: Thy Glass Will Show Thee How Thy Beauties Wear
    23. Musical Interlude
    24. Sonnet 78: So Oft Have I Invoked Thee for My Muse
    25. Sonnet 79: Whilst I Alone Did Call Upon Thy Aid
    26. Sonnet 80: O How I Faint When I of You Do Write
    27. Sonnet 81: Or I Shall Live Your Epitaph to Make
    28. Sonnet 82: I Grant Thou Wert Not Married to My Muse
    29. Sonnet 83: I Never Saw That You Did Painting Need
    30. Sonnet 84: Who Is It That Says Most Which Can Say More
    31. Sonnet 85: My Tongue-Tied Muse in Manners Holds Her Still
    32. Sonnet 86: Was It the Proud Full Sail of His Great Verse
    33. Musical Interlude
    34. Sonnet 87: Farewell, Thou Art Too Dear for My Possessing
    35. Sonnet 88: When Thou Shalt Be Disposed to Set Me Light
    36. Sonnet 89: Say That Thou Didst Forsake Me for Some Fault
    37. Sonnet 90: Then Hate Me When Thou Wilt, If Ever, Now
    38. Sonnet 91: Some Glory in Their Birth, Some in Their Skill
    39. Sonnet 92: But Do Thy Worst to Steal Thyself Away
    40. Sonnet 93: So Shall I Live, Supposing Thou Art True
    41. Sonnet 94: They That Have Pow'r to Hurt, And Will Do None
    42. Sonnet 95: How Sweet and Lovely Dost Thou Make the Shame
    43. Sonnet 96: Some Say Thy Fault Is Youth, Some Wantonness
    44. Musical Interlude
    45. Sonnet 97: How Like a Winter Hath My Absence Been
    46. Sonnet 98: From You Have I Seen Absent in the Spring
    47. Sonnet 99: The Forward Violet Thus Did I Chide
    48. Sonnet 100: Where Art Thou, Muse, That Thou Forget'st So Long
    49. Sonnet 101: O Truant Muse, What Shall Be Thy Amends
    50. Sonnet 102: My Love Is Strength'ned, Though More Weak in Seeming
    51. Sonnet 103: Alack, What Poverty My Muse Brings Forth
    52. Sonnet 104: To Me Fair Friend, You Never Can Be Old
    53. Musical Interlude
    54. Sonnet 105: Let Not My Love Be Called Idolatry
    55. Sonnet 106: When in the Cronicle of Wasted Time
    56. Sonnet 107: Not Mine Own Fears, Nor the Prophetic Soul
    57. Sonnet 108: What's in the Brain That Ink My Character
    58. Sonnet 109: O Never Say That I Was False of Heart
    59. Sonnet 110: Alas 'Tis True, I Have Gone Here and There
    60. Sonnet 111: O for My Sake Do You With Fortune Chide
    61. Sonnet 112: Your Love and Pity Doth th' Impression Fill
    62. Musical Interlude
    0. DISC 3:
    1. Musical Interlude
    2. Sonnet 113: Since I Left You, Mine Eye Is in My Mind
    3. Sonnet 114: Or Whether Doth My Mind Being Crowned With You
    4. Sonnet 115: Those Lines That I Before Have Writ Do Lie
    5. Sonnet 116: Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds
    6. Sonnet 117: Accuse Me Thus: That I Have Scanted All
    7. Sonnet 118: Like as to Make Our Appetites More Keen
    8. Sonnet 119: What Potions Have I Drunk of Sirens Tears
    9. Sonnet 120: That You Were Once Unkind Befriends Me Now
    10. Sonnet 121: 'Tis Better to Be Vile Than Vile Esteemed
    11. Musical Interlude
    12. Sonnet 122: Thy Gift, Thy Tables, Are Within My Brain
    13. Sonnet 123: No! Time, Thou Shalt Not Boast That I Do Change
    14. Sonnet 124: If My Dear Love Were But the Child of State
    15. Sonnet 125: Were't Aught to Me I Bore the Canopy
    16. Sonnet 126: O Thou My Lovely Boy, Who in Thy Power
    17. Musical Interlude
    18. Sonnet 127: In the Old Age Black Was Not Counted Fair
    19. Sonnet 128: How Oft, When Thou, My Music, Music Play'st
    20. Sonnet 129: Th' Expense of Spirit in a Waste of Shame
    21. Sonnet 130: My Mistress' Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun
    22. Sonnet 131: Thou Art as Tyrannous, So as Thou Art
    23. Sonnet 132: Thine Eyes I Love, And They, As Pitying Me
    24. Sonnet 133: Beshrew That Heart That Makes My Heart to Groan
    25. Musical Interlude
    26. Sonnet 134: So Now I Have Confessed That He Is Thine
    27. Sonnet 135: Whoever Hath Her Wish, Thou Hast Thy Will
    28. Sonnet 136: If Thy Soul Check Thee That I Come So Near
    29. Sonnet 137: Thou Blind Fool, Love, What Dost Thou to Mine Eyes
    30. Sonnet 138: When My Love Swears That She Is Made of Truth
    31. Sonnet 139: O Call Not Me to Justify the Wrong
    32. Sonnet 140: Be Wise as Thou Art Cruel, Do Not Press
    33. Musical Interlude
    34. Sonnet 141: In Faith, I Do Not Love Thee With Mine Eyes
    35. Sonnet 142: Love Is My Sin, And Thy Dear Virtue Hate
    36. Sonnet 143: Lo, As a Careful Huswife Runs to Catch
    37. Sonnet 144: Two Loves I Have, Of Comfort and Despair
    38. Sonnet 145: Those Lips That Love's Own Hand Did Make
    39. Sonnet 146: Poor Soul, The Centre of My Sinful Earth
    40. Sonnet 147: My Love Is as a Fever, Longing Still
    41. Musical Interlude
    42. Sonnet 148: O Me! What Eyes Hath Love Put in My Head
    43. Sonnet 149: Canst Thou, O Cruel, Say I Love Thee Not
    44. Sonnet 150: O from What Pow'r Hast Thou This Pow'rful Might
    45. Sonnet 151: Love Is Too Young to Know What Conscience Is
    46. Sonnet 152: In Loving Thee Thou Know'st I Am Forsworn
    47. Sonnet 153: Cupid Laid by His Brand and Fell Asleep
    48. Sonnet 154: The Little Love-God Lying Once Asleep
    49. Closing Music
  • Additional Info
    Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 31451

  • Credits
    ProducerNeville Jason
    EngineerAlan Smyth

    Liner Note Author: Perry Keenlyside.
    Reader: Alex Jennings.

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