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Two other motive bios of the Babe are: "Babe Ruth" (1991 Made-for-TV, directed by Mark Tinker and starring Stephen Lang, Bruce Weitz, Brian Doyle-Murray, Donald Moffat, Yvonne Suhor, Lisa Zane, and Pete Rose and "Ty Cobb") and "The Babe Ruth Story" (1948, directed by Roy del Ruth and starring William Bendix, Claire Trevor, and Charles Bickford). Not to be confused with the 1975 TV Movie "Babe" about the great female athlete, Babe Didrickson Zaharias. Babe Ruth himself starred in a 1927 film, "Babe Comes Home," with Anna Q. Nilsson and Abel Green. Variety gave him a positive review, noting that "As a film star, Babe (George Herman) Ruth delivers almost as handily as on the diamond, which is saying much both ways for the King of Swat." Wrigley Fields in Chicago was used in the film, as well as a stadium in Danville, Illinois. Matte paintings were used to simulate the other early ballparks. Color by Deluxe. Sound by Dolby. Matte paintings by Illusion Arts Inc.
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