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Rugrats - Mysteries

Rugrats - Mysteries

UPC: 097368755642

Format: DVD

Release Date: Jan 28, 2003

Rating: Not Rated

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In "Murder On the Ornery Express," the gang is on a train ride through Little Biendeltown, but things turn mysterious when Chas discovers that a train robber is on the loose and Chuckie's Wawa and Minka's necklace go missing! Then, in "The Fun Way Day," Chas and Kira hire a Feng Shui expert to increase business at their failing cafe--but when the specialist arrives, the Rugrats think he's there to play a game with them. Finally, in "Trading Phil," Angelica tries to get two 4 year-old girls to play with her by offering them the chance to play with Phil. The DVD version contains 5 bonus episodes.
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