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Songs from Tsongas: The 35th Anniversary Concert [Video]

Songs from Tsongas: The 35th Anniversary Concert [Video]

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Formed in 1968, Yes has maintained a loyal fan base over its long career. Outlasting other progressive rock groups of the 1970s, Yes is one of the more successful bands to emerge from that musical genre. Featuring live performances of songs covering their career, this release celebrates their 35th anniversary. Fronted by Jan Anderson on Vocals, Yes also includes Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman, and Alan White. In this release, Yes exhibits a style reminiscent of the epic concerts from their past. Performing on a stage designed by well-known Yes Collaborator Roger Dean, the band plays songs including: "Going For the One," "Sweet Dreams," "Your Move (All Good People)," "Mind Drive Parts 1 and 2," "South Side of the Sky," "Turn of the Century," "My Eyes/Mind Drive Part 3," "Yours is no Disgrace," "Runaround," "Wonderous Stories," "Time is Time," "Roundabout," "Show Me," "Owner of a Lovely Heart," "Rhythm of Love," "And You And I," "Ritual," "Every Little Thing," and "Starship Trooper."
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