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Twin Daggers

Twin Daggers

UPC: 031398236214

Format: DVD

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Not everything is at it seems when Scholar, a revered hitman in 1930s Los Angeles, is hired by a gorgeous woman to avenge her parents death. The target is her allegedly murderous twin sister, who is reaping the benefits of their family fortune in Shanghai. As Scholar begins to go through with the hit, he finds himself completely enamored with his rather enchanting mark and is torn between his contract and his feelings. What if, however, the two aren't as mutually exclusive as he originally thought and the vendetta at hand wasn't being carried out by him...but against him? Well, in that case, the team of assassins also hired for the hit, with which Scholar has no alliance, may just pose a significant threat. It's at this point that TWIN DAGGERS, a twist-filled saga of love, honor, and deception, explodes into an outrageous martial arts extravaganza, blurring the line between assassins and targets in an ultimate battle royale.
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