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UPC: 773848540839

Format: DVD (2 disc)

Release Date: Sep 27, 2021

Rating: NR

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In the spirit of such "celeb-reality" cable series as The Osbournes and The Anna Nicole Show, The Jim Rose Twisted Tour was built around the hijinks of the Jim Rose Circus, a real-life aggregation of punkish sideshow performers who had previously risen to fame as part of the 1992 Lollapalooza tour. The troupe was headed (naturally) by Jim Rose, whose act included lying on a bed of nails, smashing broken glass in his face, and swallowing razor blades. Rose's entourage consisted of Mr. Lifto, whose muscles and veins bulged grotesquely as he toted objects several times his size; Rupert the Illusionist, whose specialty was balancing lawn mowers on his chin; Bebe the Circus Queen, whose idea of a good time was to swallow scorpions; Rubber Boy, whose contortions bordered on the obscene; and Cappy, an obese yo-yo champ -- and, perhaps deliberately, the troupe's least popular performer (with both his co-worker's and the fans). The series followed the Circus as it traveled from San Francisco to New Orleans, regaling and sometimes nauseating spectators all along the way. Debuting March 30, 2003, The Jim Rose Twisted Tour was arguably the most atypical weekly program ever to emerge from the normally traditionalist Travel Channel cable service.
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