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About a Boy [WS]

About a Boy [WS]

UPC: 025192197925

Format: DVD

Release Date: Jan 14, 2003

Rating: PG13

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The critic and audience hit of 2002, this bright and insightful film comes to DVD after a short delay. The picture, framed at 2.35:1 (a cut up pan-and-scan version is also available on a separate disc) looks very good. Colors are nicely reproduced, but detail isn't particularly strong. This doesn't hamper a awfully good transfer though, as there are no signs of wear nor any distracting elements. The 5.1 English and French Dolby Digital tracks don't have a lot of life, but are certainly adequate for this type of small film. It's not the kind of production where a wide dynamic sound field would be expected, therefore the clear, distortion free sound emanating from the front speakers is perfectly in line. As for extras, a nice variety has been included. To begin with, a scene-specific commentary from directors Paul and Chris Weitz is included that perfectly suites the film. As with many Universal DVD releases, this one includes the short "spotlight on location" with interviews from the directors, Hugh Grant, author Nick Hornby, and others. With some interesting moments, it still doesn't add up to a lot beyond a studio fluff piece. Seven deleted scenes, with optional directors' commentary are also included, as well as a humorous, though all-too-brief "English to English" dictionary, explaining British slang terms. Badly Drawn Boy, who wrote the songs for the film provide two entertaining music videos for the songs, "Something to Talk About" and "Silent Sigh", and a 21-minute interview with Damon Gough, (who is Badly Drawn Boy) discussing his career. Finishing things off (if that wasn't enough) are the lyrics for the song "Santa's Super Sleigh," the trailer for this film and other Universal titles such as Notting Hill, Meet the Parents, and Johnny English, plus standard filmographies and productions notes. Those who saw About a Boy know just how good it is; those that didn't now have their chance.
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