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Alice Adams

Alice Adams

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George Stevens' adaptation of BoothTarkington's Pulitzer Prize-winning 1921 novel, and his breakthrough film, stars Katherine Hepburn in the title role. A pretty young woman who dreams of reaching beyond her middle-class origins, Alice attends a party being hosted by Mildred Palmer (Evelyn Venable), a wealthy local debutante. Wearing a two-year-old gown, Alice is pointedly ignored by all, before Arthur Russell (Fred MacMurray), an attractive, unassuming young man from an affluent family, is taken with her, and asks her to dance. Despite the strength of her attraction to Arthur, Alice insists on keeping him at a distance, ashamed of her family's lack of money. After lavishing compliments on the young woman, he finally succeeds in persuading her to attend a party at the home of J.A. Lamb (Charley Grapewin), her father's well-to-do employer. While Mrs. Adams (Ann Shoemaker), pours abuse upon her invalid husband (Fred Stone) for allowing their limited means to interfere with their daughter's marriage prospects, Arthur's interest in romancing the girl continues unabated. ALICE ADAMS is a charming slice of Americana, both comic and poignant, sensitively directed by Stevens, with an unforgettably touching performance by Hepburn. The opening party scene is almost exactly reproduced, but with gender reversed, in A PLACE IN THE SUN, the director's far more somber reflection on social class in America.
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