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Atomic Age Classics Vol 1: Manners, Courtesy & Etiquette

Atomic Age Classics Vol 1: Manners, Courtesy & Etiquette

UPC: 089218490094

Format: DVD

Release Date: Nov 08, 2005

Rating: Not Rated

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This collection of short films were produced around the mid-20th century, and were an adult reaction to the burgeoning youth culture movement that, they felt, posed a very real threat to civilization! The films included are: "Are Manners Important?" (1954), which teaches manners to a young man with designs on the presidency; "Good Table Manners" (1951), which transports a boy backwards and forwards in time so he can teach himself table manners; "We Play And Share Together" (1951), which shows two girls how much more fun they'd have if they shared their toys; "Everyday Courtesy" (1948), which teaches children and adults how to be polite; "Exchanging Greetings and Introductions" (1960), which stresses how important it is to greet someone in a polite manner; "Social Courtesy" (1951), which teaches teenagers how to act in a social situation; "Helping Johnny Remember" (1956), which sees a group of kids building their own society, only to exclude a member due to his poor manners; and, finally, "By Jupiter" (1941), in which one man is allowed to relive a day in his life.
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