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UPC: 031398691433

Format: DVD

Release Date: Jan 26, 1999

Rating: R

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Confusion and fear meet in the terrifying thriller Cube. Trimark has done a very good job transferring this 1.85:1 widescreen image to DVD, though it's a shame that it is a non-anamorphic transfer. Overall, the color schemes and deep black levels look good, though an excessive amount of grain shows up in the picture along with a small amount of edge enhancement. The audio is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 in English and Spanish. This soundtrack displays a nice amount of fidelity, though the rear speakers are not utilized. Overall, the dialogue, effects, and music are all clear and free of any excessive distortion or hiss. Also included on this disc are Spanish and French subtitles. For a small independent movie, Cube includes a nice array of extra features. A commentary track by actor David Hewlett, co-writer/director Vincenzo Natali, and co-writer Andre Bijelic should please fans looking to know more about the movie. This is a very entertaining commentary track that includes lots of production details and stories from the making of the film. Some comparative and alternate storyboards are included that shed some light of the effects and the sets, and a few very rough-looking deleted scenes give the viewer a glimpse at what ended up on the cutting-room floor. Finally, there is some interesting production artwork (drawings) from the conceptual stages of the movie, and a few bonus trailers for other Trimark movies.
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