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Devil's Hand

Devil's Hand

UPC: 089218451897

Format: DVD

Release Date: Sep 28, 2004

Rating: Not Rated

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In this spooky tale of terror and voodoo magic, a fellow walks into an interesting old shop and falls in love with an exquisite doll. He inquires to the owner after the toy and he tells the fellow that it was made in the image of a woman in the neighborhood. The proprietor then gives the man the girl's address. Unfortunately, both the girl and the proprietor are involved in voodoo and the store owner is a high priest. Just after the curious customer leaves, the high priest fashions a doll in the image of the man's girl friend and sticks a big pin in it. The poor girl friend immediately collapses and must go to the hospital. Meanwhile, the "loyal" boy friend goes to see the beautiful woman who tells him that if he joins the group, he will have her undying love. But will he go through with it or will his innate goodness shine through and help him save his ailing girl friend?
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