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Drugstore Cowboy

Drugstore Cowboy

UPC: 012236604976

Format: DVD

Release Date: Oct 26, 1999

Rating: R

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Gus Van Sant's indie great Drugstore Cowboy, predating his more melodramatic Hollywood fare, is never less than fascinating throughout its 104 minutes. This 1.85:1 widescreen presentation makes for a mostly successful DVD edition. While the transfer is generally good, presenting clean skin tones and bold colors (especially in the tacky, period wardrobe and home decor), specks and spots do show up in the print. The 2.0 Stereo Sound is quiet compared to that of most DVDs; be sure to turn down the volume of your audio system after watching the DVD, so the next DVD doesn't blare through your speakers. At just under 30 minutes, the "making of" documentary is one of the better ones out there, operating in a subdued, artsy tone not dissimilar to the movie. The movie-length commentary track with Van Sant and Matt Dillon is a hushed affair; while often quite interesting, it's also a bit sleep-inducing, as Van Sant and Dillon tend to rattle on as if performing hypnotism. The included "trailer" is actually a goofy, hyperbolic 30-second TV spot. "Cast & Crew" is the usual biography/filmography information, while production notes provide decent background information on the movie. The scene index allows instant access to the DVD's 35 chapters. While it's not really special enough deserve its "special edition" tag, this DVD is still a worthy release.
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