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Dungeon of Harrow

Dungeon of Harrow

UPC: 089218408495

Format: DVD

Release Date: Nov 19, 2002

Rating: NR

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Anyone looking at Alpha Video's DVD of Pat Boyette's Dungeon Of Harrow may think they've been ripped off -- the constantly shifting color, moving between pink tinting and green tinting of the fleshtones, and the fuzziness of the the wide shots, aren't very encouraging. They should be aware, however, that this is pretty much what the movie looked like in its authorized television showings on VHS television in the 1970's and 1980's, so it's not Alpha's fault. The movie never looked great, and the color always seemed to be a bit on the faded and unstable side, so much so that at one time this viewer wondered if it had actually been shot in color. The sound is in decent shape, fairly loud and usually distinct, at least as far as the dialogue goes. What defects there are were in the original film source -- the music (most of which is lifted from the same Mu-Tel library that provided the background scoring to early episodes of The Adventures Of Superman, Racket Squad, Terry & The Pirates, Mr. & Mrs. North etc.) becomes muffled at times while the sound effects remain up front in the mix and very clear. The standard Alpha Video five chapters break the movie down well enough, and the notes and credits are reasonably accurate, though the movie's actual running time is 85 minutes.
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