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Early Silent Classics of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Vol 1

Early Silent Classics of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Vol 1

UPC: 089218467997

Format: DVD

Release Date: Feb 22, 2005

Rating: Not Rated

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Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy weren't always a team. They started separately in silent films (Hardy in 1913, Laurel in 1917) and didn't become the hapless duo we know today until 1927. Prior to that, however, they frequently crossed paths, with Laurel occasionally directing one of Hardy's solo efforts. This collection begins with a very early Hardy short called "The Paperhanger's Helper" (1915), a comedy that needs no description beyond the title itself. The first coincidental sharing of the screen by both Laurel and Hardy in "Lucky Dog" (1917), a gem long believed lost, depicts leading comedian Laurel as a stray dog's friend and Hardy in a supporting role as a villainous mugger holding Stan up with a pistol. In "The Sawmill" (1921), Hardy plays an evil foreman gradually dismantling the workplace as he battles it out with heroic employee Larry Semon. "Hop to It, Bellhop" (1922) features Hardy as a riotous hotel luggage smasher, and in "Kid Speed" (1924), Hardy competes with Larry Semon for a damsel's attentions. Stan Laurel directs his future partner in both "Yes, Yes, Nanette" (1926) and "Enough To Do" (1926).
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