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Kid Dynamite

Kid Dynamite

UPC: 089218405296

Format: DVD

Release Date: Sep 24, 2002

Rating: Not Rated

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Wallace Fox's Kid Dynamite (1943) comes to DVD in a surprisingly better-than-decent edition from Alpha Video. The source print is generally in good (and, at times, almost exceptional) condition, with no major flaws other than a few dark verticle lines and some intermittent damaged frames. Further, the transfer has made the most of the material. It's not a preservation-level source, by any means, but it's in okay condition with a fair degree of detail. Some of the night shots lack brightness and definition, but Alpha has done worse by some of its public domain titles, and the disc overall is very watchable. Additionally, one highlight that might surprise viewers new to this film is the swing rendition of "Comin' Through The Rye" by Marion Miller, fronting Mike Riley's Orchestra, and a jitterbug dance contest, which gives the movie and the DVD special added appeal. The usual Alpha five chapters are adequate for this film, and the menu is, as always, very simple and easy to use.
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