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Million Dollar Kid

Million Dollar Kid

UPC: 089218407191

Format: DVD

Release Date: Nov 19, 2002

Rating: NR

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Alpha Video's DVD of Million Dollar Kid is derived from a scratched but serviceable 16mm source print that has been given a decent transfer. There are loads of physical defects in the material, but not enough to mar the viewing experience, such as it is -- in fact, on a movie like this, the flaws may actually be a mild enhancement to one's enjoyment, recalling the experience of watching Million Dollar Kid in the kind of neighborhood "grind house" (as such theaters were called) that programmed this sort of B-picture on a regular basis. There are some shots in which replacement footage has been spliced into the source (long before Alpha got its hands on it) and a few missing frames that break up some rhythms and action, but otherwise the picture is intact. The handful of chapters are just about adequate to break down the 65 minute movie, which incorporates a surprisingly large amount of exposition within that running time. The disc opens automatically on a simple two-choice menu, with the "play" command in the default position.
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