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'Neath the Brooklyn Bridge

'Neath the Brooklyn Bridge

UPC: 089218416292

Format: DVD

Release Date: Jun 10, 2003

Rating: Not Rated

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Wallace W. Fox's 'Neath the Brooklyn Bridge (1942) looks about as good on Alpha's DVD as it did in countless television showings during the mid- to late '60s, when it was still under copyright, and it sounds even better. The source print is clean and intact, without a lot of surface blemishes or other problems; oddly enough, only a stock shot of the Brooklyn Bridge early in the movie reveals excessive scratches. The transfer is well lit without being oversaturated. The image is clear and sharp enough to reveal that Sammy "Sunshine" Morrison was actually hurt in the first fight scene of the movie by one of the punches thrown. There are also a few missing frames at the very tail end of the last reel, but nothing to offend the purchaser. As with most Alpha Video issues, the disc is easy to use and simple to access, and offers six chapter breaks.
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