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Eyes in the Night

Eyes in the Night

UPC: 089218410795

Format: DVD

Release Date: Feb 18, 2003

Rating: NR

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This DVD is a genuine surprise, not only as one of the very few MGM titles (and the only mystery that this reviewer can think of) to turn up on a public domain list, but also for the sheer quality of the source material. Some of Alpha Video's work is very good, but Eyes In The Night is the best this reviewer has seen, with a source print as good as any seen on a public domain DVD to date and with no technical flaws whatsoever. The six chapters are hardly adequate to break down this movie, which is about as complicated as the plot to any of the Thin Man movies, but that simply shows off the limitations of Alpha Video's productions -- the authoring and the transfer of the disc are perfect, and the sound is as good as anything in Alpha's (or any other public domain company's) library. What's more, the movie has so many virtues, owing to its origins, that this is one low-priced DVD that will pay dividends of several hundred percent in value.
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