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Format: DVD

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"Can I help you Dr....?"--Receptionist "Oh it's me, Dr. Rosenpenis. I'm just here to check out Alan Stanwyk's file."--Fletch (Chevy Chase) "Dr. who?"--Receptionist "Dr. Rosenrosen. I'm here to get into the records room."--Fletch "What was that name again?"--Receptionist "It's Dr. Rosen, I want to check the records room."--Fletch "Dr. who?"--Receptionist "Dr. Rosen! Where's the records room?"--Fletch "Where am I?"--Fletch "You're in the records room."--Records nurse "Oh. Do you have the Beatles' White Album? Never mind...just bring me a cup of hot fat. And the head of Alfredo Garcia."--Fletch "That's an interesting name, Mr...?"-Doctor "Babar."--Fletch "Is that with one B or two?"--Doctor "One. B-A-B-A-R."--Fletch "That's two."--Doctor "Yeah, but not right next to each other. That's what I thought you meant."--Fletch "Isn't there a children's book about an elephant named Babar?"--Doctor "Ha, ha, ha. I wouldn't know. I don't have any."--Fletch "No children?"--Doctor "No elephant books."--Fletch "Does this proposition entail my dressing up as Little Bo Peep?"--Fletch "It's nothing of a sexual nature, I assure you."--Alan Stanwyk (Tim Matheson) "Yeah, I assure you."--Fletch "One thousand just to listen. I don't see how you can pass that up, Mr...?"--Alan Stanwyk "Nugent. Ted Nugent."--Fletch
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