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Destroy All Planets

Destroy All Planets

UPC: 089218420893

Format: DVD

Release Date: Jul 22, 2003

Rating: NR

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Gamera the fire-belching turtle has replaced his human-hating ways with a friendly attitude towards children and once more saves the world in Destroy All Planets. The villains are invading extraterrestrials whose spaceships can "morph" into giant squids. Gamera proceeds to wreck Tokyo with typical monster destructive behavior, returning to the sea after the spell is broken. It would have been amusing had the hero of the day been a Red Lobster restaurant manager; instead, we are offered the redoubtable Gamera. The special effects are on a par with other films of this nature, meaning that they'll either evoke thrills or derisive laughter, depending on the audience. Destroy All Planets must have been a particular favorite of TV station managers of the mid-1980s, given the number of times it popped up on the small screen during that period.
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