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Good Bad Boy

Good Bad Boy

UPC: 089218690791

Format: DVD

Release Date: Jan 29, 2013

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Edward Cline, famous for his work with the Keystone studios and Buster Keaton's silents, is the director of this comedy-drama. John Benson (Forrest Robinson) is a good-natured inventor who drinks a bit too much. His son Billy (Joe Butterworth) has the reputation of being the neighborhood bad boy. His only fan is the daughter (Mary Jane Irving) of Judge Fawcett (Edwards Davis). Benson finally successfully completes his invention, but Walter Howe (Richard Wayne) plots to steal it with the help of lawyer Sidney Marvin (Arthur Hull). When Billy's mother (Lucy Beaumont) falls ill, Billy is left alone at home and catches Howe stealing the model for Benson's invention. Howe steals the judge's car -- with his daughter inside -- and Billy enlists the aid of a large group of Boy Scouts to pursue him. Howe is finally rounded up, and the little girl taken safely home. Benson's invention makes his family wealthy and Billy's latest escapades have put him in a better light.
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