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Greyfriars Bobby

Greyfriars Bobby

UPC: 786936234107

Format: DVD

Release Date: Jul 06, 2004

Rating: Not Rated

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Disney's Greyfriars Bobby is a remake of A Challenge to Lassie; both were based on the same novel by Elinor Atkinson, and both featured Donald Crisp in a major role. Set in Edinburgh in 1875, the Disney version stars Crisp as James Brown, the new caretaker of a rural Scottish farm. When the former caretaker, Old Jock (Alex McKenzie), dies, he is buried on the estate. Old Jock's faithful dog Bobby thereupon refuses to leave his late master's gravesite, despite Brown's efforts to chase Bobby away. Slowly but surely, the taciturn Brown comes to love the steadfast dog, which brings him into conflict with stiff-necked constable MacLean (Donald MacRae), who intends to "arrest" Bobby if Brown doesn't pay the minimal license fee. Standing on principle, Brown refuses, but a group of local children raise the necessary funds, setting the stage for a heartwarmingly Disneyesque finale.
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