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Grindhouse Double Shock Show: The Brain Machine/Astral Factor

Grindhouse Double Shock Show: The Brain Machine/Astral Factor

UPC: 089218537898

Format: DVD

Release Date: Jun 26, 2007

Rating: Not Rated

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THE BRAIN MACHINE: A powerful U.S. Senator desires the freedom of thought to be his and his alone. He will put the thoughts he wants others to think into their minds so as to maintain a pure society. To this end he is supporting government funding of mind-control experiments. Four subjects are chosen to participate; they can hide nothing. When deaths occur the scientists rush to remove the trapped human guinea pigs and become trapped themselves. THE ASTRAL FIEND: An unseen assailant stalks and kills women in this B-movie. A felon, convicted of murdering his mother, sits in his cell, either brooding or studying. Finally, he discovers the secret of turning himself invisible, and uses his power to escape. Once he is out in the world again, he begins to kill a series of women one by one, each a witness at the trial where he was convicted. A detective is assigned to protect the remaining witnesses and find the strangler. But how can he possibly catch a man that he can't even see?
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