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Havana: Cigar of Connoiseurs

Havana: Cigar of Connoiseurs

UPC: 646032029598

Format: DVD

Release Date: Oct 19, 2001

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HAVANA: CIGAR OF CONNOISSEURS offers a probing and comprehensive examination of the history and mystery behind Cuban cigars--indisputably the world's finest. Why the major cigar companies could plant their seeds in neighboring countries like Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua but not capture the richness of their Cuban counterparts remains an extremely intriguing question. The documentary, filmed in Pinar de Rio, where the cigar leaf grows, and Havana, as well as the European capitals Madrid, Berlin, and London, also looks at some of the more famous cigar smokers. President John F. Kennedy enjoyed two small Havanas after every meal and laid away a huge personal stock of thousands of cigars (eventually inherited by his brother Ted) immediately before signing the ban on their sale in the United States into law, and it's difficult to imagine Winston Churchill, Groucho Marx, George Burns, or Fidel Castro without the ubiquitous cigar close at hand.

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