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I Live My Life

I Live My Life

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Format: DVD

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Superstar Joan Crawford plays Kay Bentley, a bored, wealthy socialite who meets the dedicated archaeologist Terry O'Neill (Brian Aherne) while she is vacationing in Naxos, Greece. Kay feigns an ankle injury, forcing Brian to carry her all the way back to her yacht, where he extrapolates on how much he despises the idle rich. Intrigued, Kay has her boat return to the Naxos dig where she met O'Neill, and he admits that he has fallen in love with her. A quick romance ensues before Kay returns to her high-society life in New York. But O'Neill follows, and Crawford, now engaged to another, must choose between wedded bliss with the poor man she loves or the comfortable life of cocktail parties, shopping, and butlers she would have with her rich, socially correct fiancé. In addition to an engaging and comical plot, the lifestyle of the 1930s Manhattan jet setters is carefully characterized in the beautiful costumes.
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