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Man Who Knew Too Much

Man Who Knew Too Much

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THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH is Alfred Hitchcock's remake of his 1935 movie of the same name. While vacationing in French Morocco, an American family becomes accidentally involved in a series of international incidents after the father overhears an assassination plot. Compared with its predecessor, this version is lavish, with a larger budget and a much bigger cast. While maintaining Hitchcock's fascination with an average Joe caught up in menacing events, the characters portrayed by Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day put a spin on the story that highlights the 1950s sensibilities that influenced the remake.

Ben McKenna (Stewart), an American doctor, and his family stumble into the middle of an assassination plot while vacationing in Marrakech. When his son is kidnapped by the conspirators, McKenna must race against the clock to stop the murder and save his son's life. Stewart, as one might expect, gives a seamless performance as the average man thrown into exceptional circumstances. Day brings a bit of levity and performs the only musical number to appear in a Hitchcock film. (The song, "Que Sera, Sera," would win an Oscar and become a popular hit.) This later version of Hitchcock's suspenseful film also features the masterful Albert Hall sequence, arguably almost the equal of the renowned plane sequence in NORTH BY NORTHWEST.
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