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Manhattan Baby [Blu-ray]

Manhattan Baby [Blu-ray]

UPC: 827058706292

Format: Blu-ray

Release Date: Apr 19, 2022

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Shot in 1982 and never released theatrically, this uninspired horror film chronicles the discovery of a blue "evil eye" stone in Egypt by archaeologist Prof. George Hacker. No sooner does he find the stone than it blinds him. Meanwhile, an sorceress gives the Hacker's daughter Suzy a special amulet that confers the power of telekinesis. When Suzy returns to New York, a researcher into the paranormal finds out that she is a pawn for an ancient and evil Egyptian cult. Matters go from bad to worse for poor Suzy, with the climax dripping with the gore for which director Lucio Fulci was famous.
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