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Married Virgin

Married Virgin

UPC: 191091482582

Format: DVD

Release Date: Jul 27, 2021

Rating: NR

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The stars of this picture -- Vera Sisson and Frank Newburg -- are long forgotten; not so one of the supporting player Rodolpho di Valentina, who as Rudolph Valentino would become the most famous Latin lover of the silent era. Fiske McMillan (Edward Jobson) is a wealthy contractor, and his daughter Mary (Sisson) is in love with Douglas McKee, an ambitious young lawyer (Newburg). Mary's stepmother (Kathleen Kirkham) has been carrying on an affair with the roguish Count Roberta di San Fraccini (Valentino) and they plan to run off together as soon as they can come up with the money. At first the Count tries to blackmail McMillan, but when this fails, he forces Mary to marry him so that he can use the marriage settlement to run off with her stepmother. Mrs. McMillan, however, becomes jealous and worries that her lover will back out. She tries to disfigure him with acid, and they have a violent struggle while riding in a car. There is an accident and Mrs. McMillan is killed. The Count escapes, but McKee is able to find a legal loophole that will enable Mary to rid herself of him. A single woman once again, Mary is now able to wed the man she always loved.
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