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Meth Storm

Meth Storm

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With unparalleled access on both sides of the issue, this 90-minute HBO Documentary Film is at once a cautionary tale of meth addiction in rural America, and a high-stakes drama told from inside the war on drugs. In Arkansas, 90% of methamphetamines are smuggled over the border from Mexico as a strain of stronger and cheaper crystal meth called ICE. Meth Storm tells the story of rural, economically-disadvantaged users and dealers whose addiction to ICE and lack of job opportunities have landed them on endless cycle of poverty and incarceration -- and of the police and DEA agents struggling to stop cartels from flooding the U.S. with this super-potent form of meth. Filmed over two years, Meth Storm is the latest from Brent and Craig Renaud, the Peabody-winning documentarians who explored the perils of urban drug addiction on HBO a dozen years ago with Dope Sick Love.
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