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Format: DVD

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In this bizarre, melancholic urban thriller, a skyscraper blackout results in the head of a large firm (Walter Abel) leaping to his death, while a businessman named David Stillwell (Gregory Peck) finds himself either coming out of, or going into, a two-year bout of amnesia. A sad-eyed woman (Diane Baker) is offended when Stillwell doesn't remember her, and a bunch of strange looking thugs (including George Kennedy and the delightful Jack Weston) are out to kill him. A gruff psychiatrist (Robert Harris) refuses to help, so Stillwell hires wise-cracking detective Ted Caselle (Walter Mathau) to find out who he is, and the two share some brilliantly off-kilter dialogue as they wander around together. The film captures its New York City locations in a dreamy black-and-white haze, making excellent use of background noise and conversation to heighten the sense of paranoia. Director Edward Dmytryk shuffles subtle statements about urban alienation and loss of identity into this psychological thriller's already stacked deck. A jazzy, bouncing score by Quincy Jones keeps things jumping.
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