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Mission: Impossible II

Mission: Impossible II

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Theatrical release: May 24, 2000. Filmed at Fox Studios and on location in Sydney & Broken Hill, Australia, and filmed at Los Angeles Center Studios and on location in Moab, Utah, and Los Angeles, California. The film grossed more than $210 million at the domestic box office and more than $430 million worldwide. John Woo told Mr. Showbiz that the love story in M:I-2 was inspired by the spy love story between Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman in Alfred Hitchcock's NOTORIOUS. Tom Cruise insisted on performing virtually all his own stunts, against director John Woo's wishes. Tom Cruise had never before fired a gun in any his previous films. Oliver Stone was at one time attached as the director of this film. Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames are the only returning cast members from the first film. Metallica's music video for "I Disappear," from the M:I-2 soundtrack (the song appears over the closing credits), features scenes mimicking BULLITT, DIE HARD, and NORTH BY NORTHWEST, in addition to a final shot of Cruise. This is the first song Metallica has written specifically for a motion picture. When John Woo was growing up, his favorite types of films were musicals and westerns. Anthony Hopkins's appearance in the film is uncredited. The theme song "Take a Look Around (Theme from 'M:I2')" by Lalo Schifrin & Fred Durst is performed and produced by Limp Bizkit.
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