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Mummy Double Feature - The Mummy's Hand/The Mummy's Tomb

Mummy Double Feature - The Mummy's Hand/The Mummy's Tomb

UPC: 025192140723

Format: DVD

Release Date: Aug 28, 2001

Rating: Not Rated

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THE MUMMY'S HAND: In this first sequel to the original 1932 THE MUMMY, an expedition of American archaeologists travels to Egypt in search of the undiscovered tomb of the princess Ananka. They get more than they bargained for when they find the tomb guarded by a living and very deadly mummy, who will do anything to keep the princess's tomb from being defiled. THE MUMMY'S TOMB: Following after the events of THE MUMMY'S HAND, the Mummy (Lon Chaney, Jr.) is brought over from Egypt to Massachusetts to take revenge on the the archaeologists who disturbed his tomb. Along the way his keeper, a priest of Karnak, falls in love with the fiancee of the dashing hero. Followed by THE MUMMY'S GHOST.
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