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MVP:Most Valuable Primate/MVP II:Most Vertical Primate

MVP:Most Valuable Primate/MVP II:Most Vertical Primate

UPC: 683904548559

Format: DVD

Release Date: Sep 17, 2019

Rating: PG

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In MVP: MOST VALUABLE PRIMATE, a chimpanzee named Jack goes on a big adventure to Nelson, British Columbia. Compared to the tropical climate of the research laboratory where he was born, the chilly snowy weather in Canada is a big change for Jack. But he quickly finds a warm and comfortable home when he makes friends with a young deaf girl, Tara (Tara Westover), and her older brother Steven (Steven Westover), who treat him like a member of their family and invite him to live with them. While Jack helps Steven train to win a hockey tournament, he learns to communicate with Tara using sign language. Jack is having a wonderful adventure until scientists from the research lab come to take him home, and Tara and Steven must search for a way to let him stay.

MVP II:MOST VERTICAL PRIMATE: Jack the chimp sneaks away for a moment to watch the ZFL hockey draft only to realize that he is the first-round selection of the Seattle Simians. Jack suits up and is originally met with much resistance from his ragtag gang of mates. However, his natural ability earns him a spot on the team and the respect of his fellow players. With the Simians cruising along, Jack is framed by an opposing player in a fabricated biting incident. Distraught, he wanders the streets aimlessly until befriended by a skateboarding youth who discovers that Jack's skating skills go beyond the ice.
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