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Nature Connection with David Suzuki

Nature Connection with David Suzuki

UPC: 646032026993

Format: DVD (4 disc)

Release Date: Jul 27, 2004

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In each of twelve field trips in this popular and highly acclaimed collection, David Suzuki leads a group of children on a voyage to discover different aspects of the environment and learn how each individual is "connected" to nature:

BUYING A RAINFOREST - Schoolchildren organize campaigns to buy tracts of tropical rainforest in Costa Rica.

URBAN ECOLOGY - Suburban and inner-city children rediscover nature in an urban setting.

FISHING THE OCEAN - On the coast of Newfoundland, children learn about a fisherman's way of life.

WHERE OUR FOOD COMES FROM - A taste of life on a working farm; children participate with chores such as weeding, milking, and harvesting.

MERV'S FOREST - Children discover how selective logging can preserve old growth forests while providing for the pulp and paper industry.

WATERWORKS - Exploring Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario, Suzuki and the kids take a look at the role of water in the biosphere, focusing on its uses and abuses.

BADLANDS - On a trip to the Badlands, the children explore bone beds in Dinosaur Provincial Park, where fossil evidence shows how dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago.

A WINTER WALK - Suzuki and the children take a trek through a wooded conservation area to see how animals make their winter homes.

CARMANAH - In one of the most beautiful rainforests in the world, the Carmanah Valley on Vancouver Island, the children visit a research camp and climb a giant Sitka spruce tree.

GRASSLANDS - Suzuki and the children visit a 900-acre research ranch nestled in the foothills of Alberta, which displays the diversity of plant and wildlife in the prairies.

TIDE POOLS - Suzuki and his daughters invite a group of children to visit their cottage on a small island, where they observe tide pools.

CATTAIL COUNTRY - Suzuki and the children examine the great variety of living plants and animals in a marsh in the midst of a large industrial center.

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