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Our Blushing Brides

Our Blushing Brides

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Having starred in OUR DANCING DAUGHTERS (28) and OUR MODERN MAIDENS (30), the next logical step for Joan Crawford was OUR BLUSHING BRIDES (30). Crawford is featured with her DANCING DAUGHTERS costars Dorothy Sebastian and Anita Page in this tale of three roommates trying to make good in the Big City. Crawford works as a department store mannequin, while Sebastian and Page have jobs as clerks. Robert Montgomery, son of the store's owner, marries Crawford, having failed to "score" any other way; Sebastian weds a thief (John Miljan) whom she mistakes as a millionaire; and Robert Montgomery's younger brother Raymond Hackett takes Page as his mistress, which results in her suicide after he drops her. OUR BLUSHING BRIDES has plenty to blush about.
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